Windows XP Still the Dominant OS, Vista & 7 Support Extended to 2017 and 2020

Windows XP Still Dominant OS

In news from the world of operating systems, Windows XP is still the dominant operating system on the market, with market share just over 47% 6 and a half years after its successor Windows Vista and 2 1/2 years after the next successor were released.

While it’s been losing steady market share (although seeing a small increase in January of 2012) to Windows 7 (which has the ability to emulate Windows XP), XP is likely to remain a dominant operating system for some time to come.

Support for XP is expected to end April of 2014, however Microsoft has been relatively regular in pushing that date back, and as XP remains as a major operating system, it is likely that it will still be supported in order to ensure that bugs and viruses in the system are properly patched to preserve the reputation of Microsoft.

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Windows Vista and 7 Support Extended to 2017 and 2020

Microsoft has also extended its support for Windows Vista to 2017 and Windows 7 to 2020.

An interesting move as the official release for Windows 8 is likely in the very near future, expected for sometime this fall, it’s an interesting to note how far back support is being extended for existing product.

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RingCentral looking for a Sales Account Executive in its Denver Tech Center

Posted on Linkedin, RingCentral is looking for a new sales executive in the Denver area.

Previous sales success and a knowledge of technology will likely help

J2 Global Acquires Australia’s Zintel Communications

Following a string of acquisitions focusing on cloud based and international service providers, J2 Global, Inc. (owner of online faxing services eFax, MyFax, as well as other cloud based services) recently announced that it will be acquiring Australian based Zintel Communications.Zintel Communications Logo

Zintel offers a number of products to business and personal customers such as email faxing, voice mail, and business bundles based on reducing telecommunication costs to businesses and personal customers.

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Win a Cruise Contest over a Fax Machine? Probably Not…

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

A good reminder on Wink News in Fort Meyers Florida that there are a number of cruise contest scams going around.Cruise Contest Fax Scam

Recently in Florida, Wink News had their reporters enter into a local cruise contest to see the legitimacy of it.

The only result? a 12 minute long phone message followed by “winners” having to pay out a $100 voucher to book the trip.

Following a series of interviews, Wink News found that there have been a number of incidents with a similar program.

One of the most common scams over fax machines come in the form of cruise contests – a fax will arrive saying that someone has won a cruise, and the scam follows in similar fashion.

For more on Cruise Contest Scams in Fort Meyers Florida, see Wink News – Beware of Cruise Contests

Best Way to Get a Birthday Card from the President? Fax

According to the Fay Observer, to get a birthday card sent from the President to someone over 80 years old, the fastest way to do so is through fax.birthday_cake_presidential_fax

The quickest way to get the message through is by fax – by sending it to 202-456-2461.

Alternatively, it can be sent through mail to White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, D.C., 20500, or online at

All requests should be sent at least 3 months in advance, and Presidential greetings can be sent for events such as weddings or civil unions, a 50th, 60th, or 70th wedding anniversary, retirements after 30 years on the job, people turning 80 or older, and veterans turning 70 or older.

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Philadelphia Lawmakers Offering Plan to Let Citizens Contest Parking Tickets by Fax

With a new effort to help citizens avoid the trip to the courthouse, Philadelphia is now letting their citizens contest parking tickets through the internet, email, fax, or regular mail.Parking Ticket by Fax

Considered a good move by people who work irregular hours or far from courthouse facilities, similar systems have already been implemented by Boston, New York, and San Diego.

For more information on Philadelphia and Contesting Parking Tickets by Fax: Releases iPhone Faxing Application

Looking to fax directly from your iPhone?Popfax Logo

There’s an app for that.

Popfax has recently released their iPhone faxing application, integrating their online faxing service with the Apple iOS platform.

Anyone can try the application for 3 days with no obligation to buy, and it’s a good way to keep tabs on communication while on the road.

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eFax Passes 10,000 Customer Mark in Japan

After opening their Tokyo office only a year previous, J2 Global Inc. has announced that its eFax brand has passed the 10,000 customer mark in Japan, with increasing demand.Japanese Flag

eFax has also expanded to have iPhone and Android apps aimed at the Japanese Market.

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Morningstar – eFax® Passes 10,000 Customer Mark in Japan, Grows Network by 45%

Fax a Necessary Communication Tool for Startups and Other Business

As recently quoted by Rene Sugo in in “How can I best integrate communications between my sales force, who are often on the road, with the office? ” fax technology is still very relevant and a necessary part of the communication toolbox for all businesses.startup

While technology is changing rapidly, there is still the need to properly integrate and have access to communication facilities such as fax and email, that, while having been surpassed by newer, more advanced technologies, still form the backbone of business and legal communications.

Other important communication technologies mentioned by StartupSmart are Email, Voice, File Sharing, Instant Messaging, and Notes and To-Do Lists.

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“Next Generation” Technology Integrating “Last Generation” Technology

The Halifax Chronicle Herald recently covered advances in local business SimplyCast’s launch of their  7th version of their product in “Web-based firm seeks to help businesses reach markets“.SimplyCast Next Generation Technology

Integrating 13 applications, with the future expectation of up to 30 to 50, organizations such as SimplyCast are finding that there is still a large market to integrate fax with the rest of a communications suite.

As “Next Generation” technology advances, there is still a major need to integrate with “last generation” technology platforms such as fax and email, as they remain the part of the backbone of communications in the business world.