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Recent Articles & Fax Reviews

eFax Online FaxingeFax Review – eFax Plus Plan – eFax has built a brand that is synonymous with online faxing itself. With a solid history and a reputable name, we have covered the width and breadth of eFax’s options.

HP Fax MachinesHP Fax Machines – Started in a garage behind a home, HP has built a successful brand, with recognized accomplishments in its printing technology

RingCentral Internet FaxRingCentral Review – Fax 750 Plan – A provider with a reputation for reliability, RingCentral has taken its experience in voice over IP technology and transferred it well into the online faxing world.

Brother Fax MachinesBrother Fax Machines – With the widest offering of fax machines of any manufacturer, Brother has risen to become one of the largest manufactures of fax technology.

Nextiva Review – Basic Plan
MyFax Review – Best Value Plan
Ricoh Fax Machines
Canon Fax Machines

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Resources, FAQ, & How to Articles

How to Use a Fax Machine – This article explains the best way to use a fax machine, from set up, to sending, receiving, troubleshooting, and more.

How to Send a Fax – Need to send a fax? there’s a number of ways it can be done, from a fax machine to an online fax service, or even using existing technology on your computer.

How to Get a Fax Number – Fax numbers come in all shapes and sizes, from local phone numbers to VOIP and online fax services. Getting one can be easy, if the right research is done first.

How to Fix a Paper Jam in a Fax Machine – Always a hassle with any fax machine or printer, our guide to fixing a paper jam in a fax machine can turn a long day into an easier one.

How to Fax From a Computer
How to Fax with Windows 7
Where Can I Send a Fax?
How to Fax with Windows XP

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News & Editorial

Philadelphia Lawmakers Offering Plan to Let Citizens Contest Parking Tickets by Fax

Confidential Health Records Accidently Sent to Lely, Florida Couple

Popfax.com Releases iPhone Faxing Application

eFax Passes 10,000 Customer Mark in Japan

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Fax Technology, History & Biographies

Pantelegraph – A precursor technology to the fax machine, the Pantelegraph was used in the 1860s to send images such as handwriting over telegraph lines.

Radiofax – Fax technology being transmitted over the airwaves. An interesting variation of faxing, still used today primarily in maritime weather data transmission.

Alexander Bain – One of the primary inventors of the first fax technology. One of the first noted machines that was able to send an image from one machine to another over a wire.

3D Fax
Giovanni Caselli
Rudolf Hell
Herbert E. Ives

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