Can I send an email to a fax number?

You can’t directly send an email to a fax number. You will either need to use an email-to-fax service or the traditional method of using a fax machine. Alternatively, you may already have a fax-enabled computer or multifunction printer.


  • There is no direct connection between email and fax systems.
  • An online fax service can send from an email address to a fax number.
  • You may already have a fax-capable computer or multifunction printer.
  • A traditional fax machine is sometimes the easiest method to send a fax.

No direct connection between phone/fax and email systems

Email systems work over the internet. Phone (and with it fax) is a separate network.

There are some situations where it appears that the internet and the phone/fax network work together, however, all of these are a case of something acting in the middle to make a connection.

A phone line can be used to access the internet (for example by using a dial-up modem), however, the opposite cannot happen (the internet cannot call a phone line).

A VoIP phone can be used to call a regular landline phone from the internet, however, in this case, the internet connects to a phone company and then the signal is relayed by the phone company to the phone network.

An online fax service can connect an email address to a fax number

Just like a VoIP phone line can connect the phone network and the internet, an online fax service can connect an email address to a fax number.

Online fax services allow for sending and receiving faxes with email, software, a smartphone app, or the web.

Your existing printer or computer may be able to act as a fax machine (if you have a landline)

Many offices with a landline phone line already have equipment that can act as a fax machine.

Some multifunction printers have fax as an option. With these machines, they can be connected to a landline phone line and used as a fax machine. This includes larger corporate level copier/printers, where a fax kit can be added as an extra accessory.

Many computers have the ability to send and receive faxes. Windows and Linux computers both have software available that will turn the computer into a fax machine.