How do you send a fax from a printer?

A fax can be sent from a printer if it is a multifunction printer enabled with fax and connected to a landline phone line. Alternatively, if the printer has scanning capability it can scan the document to be sent with an online fax service, computer fax, or fax server.

Sending a fax from a printer

To fax from a printer you’ll need:

  • Fax capability – many smaller printers also operate as a multifunction unit. Corporate level printer/copiers often have a fax kit as an optional accessory.
  • A landline phone line – VoIP phone lines are known to have problems with fax transmissions.
  • Something to fax.

Printers enabled with fax work exactly the same as a fax machine – the only difference is that sometimes “fax” must be selected (instead of copy or scan).

Alternatives (with a landline) – faxing from a computer

A computer can be attached to a landline to operate as a software-run fax machine. Windows and Linux computers have free software available for them, as well there are 3rd party software packages available as well.

Alternatives without a landline – online fax and fax servers

An online fax or fax server will allow for faxing without a landline phone line. It acts as a virtual fax machine that can send and receive faxes with email, the internet, or a software program.