What is a fax board? Definition and usage

LAST UPDATE: July 30th, 2017


A fax board is a computer board that is inserted in a server or multifunction copier/printer/scanner (MFP) to add fax capabilities (once it is plugged into a landline phone line).

With an MFP, a fax board is often called a “fax kit.” The term “fax kit” is not typically used for server boards, however.

MFP fax boards

Most MFPs have copy, print, and scan as options. With fax enabled, faxes can be sent through the document feeder and received automatically as well.

With many MFPs, options such as forwarding a fax to email or receiving faxes to a specific paper tray can happen.

Server fax boards

A server fax board usually comes with an analog phone port to connect to a phone line.

This fax board allows for the server to communicate with the phone network.