What is Manual Answering?

Last Update: August 9th, 2021


Manual answering is when a fax has to be answered by an operator who presses a “receive” button.


Most fax machines automatically answer a fax line when it rings. Some people prefer to manually answer the fax line.

Why would someone manually answer a fax?

The most common reason we hear about is that the fax machine shares a line with a regular phone line, and fax traffic is very light.

Instead of using a distinctive ring 2nd phone number, extra fax line, or other solution, some users prefer to¬†be at the machine when it rings and presses “receive” if it sounds like a fax.

The challenge with manual receiving¬†is that if the user is not there to press “receive,” the fax will not be received. Instead, the call will go to voicemail or not be answered.