How to Get a Fax Number – Toll Free, Local, or Online

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

When sending or receiving a fax, you will need to have a fax number.

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How to Get a Toll Free Fax Number

There are a number of ways to get a toll free fax number.

Moving Your Fax Service Online

Some internet fax service providers provide the ability to use a toll-free fax number for fax service.

These services can be an improvement over a regular fax machine and phone line, as they frequently allow you to use a toll-free fax number at the same cost of transmitting local faxes.

Using a Toll-Free Forwarding Number

If you are already using a fax machine and have a number and set up that you find works for you, another way to have a toll free fax number is to use a toll-free forwarding number.

A toll-free forwarding number gives you a toll-free number that will forward to your current phone line. The benefit here is that in many cases, the cost of using a forwarding number can be far less than the cost of having a direct toll-free number through a phone provider.

Getting a Toll Free Fax Number from Phone Provider

Your local phone provider will be able to offer service to get a toll-free fax number through them. This toll-free fax number will either complement your local fax number or be your primary fax number.

The benefits of using a major phone provider for a toll-free fax number is that you can frequently have everything organized through one provider – however, many people have found that using a forwarding number or an online fax provider is the better option for the long run.

How to Get an Online Fax Number

To get an online fax number, the best place to start is our guide to faxing online.

All online fax service providers provide you with a fax number when you sign up for their service, with some offering local and toll-free fax numbers.

For more information on getting an online fax number, see our guide to faxing online.

How to Get a Local Fax Number

There are a number of ways to get a local fax number.

The majority of online fax service providers will be able to provide fax service with a local number.

As well, you can also get a local fax number from your local phone company.

How to Get a Fax Number from a Local Phone Company

Most local phone companies will be able to provide a fax number. Simply call them and ask for an additional phone line.

As a fax operates over a phone line, all they need to do is have an extra phone line installed.

Some phone companies will offer “dual ring” which some machines can understand. If you can get the dual ring to function, then you can have two different phone numbers on the same phone line, with the fax machine answering one and you (or your answering machine) answering the other.

Using a Fax with a VoIP Phone Line

Many people have tried to use a VoIP phone line for a fax machine. While we have found that this can work at times, in many instances, there is a conflict between the digital VoIP signal and the fax transmission – that there is too much interference on the line for the fax to transmit properly.

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