MyFax Review – Canada – Sending, Receiving, Local, and Toll Free Numbers

LAST UPDATE: January 28th, 2017

This page is a supplement to our overall MyFax review focused on the Canadian fax market.

Users in Canada should use this supplement as an extra piece to the overall review – this provides notes that may be of interest to the users in the Canadian market.

MyFax’s Canadian Service Summary

Overall, we consider MyFax’s setup quite Canadian-friendly.

The company was started by Ottawa’s Protus Communications, and while Protus is now owned by Hollywood, California-based J2 Global, to us it appears that the service grew with an understanding of the nuances of serving Canadian (and other Non-US markets) from its start.

The contact page for MyFax still has sales and customer support with an area code 613 number (Ottawa), (there is also a toll-free number for service and support), however, due to J2 Global’s acquisition, we are not sure whether all data stays in Canada during a fax transmission.

On the number selection screen, service is divided between the United States, Canada, and International.

Local Canadian fax numbers are available, as well as separate billing in Canadian dollar currency.

Differences from US Based Service

We can find no differences in features or functions in the Canadian version of MyFax’s fax service compared with the US version of the service.

French Language Service and Support

While MyFax offers French-based service to France-based customers, with France-based numbers and Euro pricing. Unfortunately, there is no French language service for Canadian based French language customers.

Canadian-based French language users can likely use the France-based manual and set of instructions when learning the service, as the two are fairly parallel in operation.

With a sales and support center based out of Ottawa, we can assume it’s likely that there may be someone in the office who can piece together a French language translation in an emergency, which is better than most of MyFax’s competitors, however the service does not appear to be completely set up with a focus on French speaking Canadian users.

Canadian Phone Number Availability

  • Canadian Based Local Fax Numbers? Yes
  • Canadian Based Toll-Free Numbers? Yes

MyFax is reasonably well equipped with Canadian based phone numbers. From a quick search of cities across Canada, we can find local numbers to be available to most of the major metropolitan areas in the country, and to the larger provinces. While there is no

While the availability of local fax numbers hits most of the major metropolitan areas, some provinces are without coverage. At the time of writing, there are locally based numbers for B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia.

There are no local numbers for New Brunswick, Newfoundland, PEI, Saskatchewan, or any of the territories. These provinces only have toll free numbers available (although, we have to admit, we’re quite impressed that Nunavut, Yukon, and NWT are even listed on the list of regions, something we find that most services leave out).

Canadian Based Billing

  • Canadian Currency Pricing? Yes
  • Canada-wide Faxing included in Pricing? Yes (prices include service to any number in Canada or the USA)

MyFax offers services priced in Canadian currency. We find this helpful for Canadian users as it limits the exchange rate charges and pricing changes that can happen with purchasing from a US based service.

Faxing to any number in Canada or the United States is included in the “local” coverage for both toll-free and locally based fax numbers.

Location of Servers and Service for Canadian Based Customers

  • My Fax Headquarters Location: Run by Protus IP Solutions of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, a subsidiary of J2 Global of Hollywood, California
  • Canadian Subsidiary?: Yes (Protus IP Solutions)
  • Server Location: Undetermined, information may still go through servers not in Canada

Canadian based customers should be aware that while MyFax has service branded for Canadians, the service is still at its root operated out of the United States, and it may be unclear if any agreements signed are with Ottawa’s Protus IP Solutions or Hollywood’s J2 Global.

As well, with the service ultimately owned and “powered by” J2 Global, it is likely that information faxed through the service between two Canadian fax numbers could pass through servers located outside of Canada. While we have found no Tier 1 service that offers “Canadian only” server infrastructure, we feel that this is an important note for Canadian customers, and a feature to the service we think would be beneficial to Canadian customers in the future.

Customer Service Hour Availability

MyFax customer service is available 24 hours a day, and therefore convenient to customers on both Pacific and Atlantic coasts.


MyFax was built on the foundation of a Canadian-based startup, and offers services that do not leave the Canadian customer out – the functionality of the service is built to be “universal, Canadian based” and this is an advantage to the Canadian customer.

We find that overall, the service Canadian-basedcustomers.

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