MyFax Internet Fax Service Review

LAST UPDATE: January 28th, 2017

Review Summary:

MyFax brings a reputation for a good faxing experience, as well as a wide variety of file format support and a solid web interface.


  • Core functions (email and web based faxing) run well
  • Lots of file formats supported
  • Brand name in the market
  • Experience with Large, Corporate level clients
  • History of Service Awards
  • Strong Web Based Interface


  • Software is built for a full Telephone Suite, a bit too much for “fax only” customers
  • Faxing from Canada & USA to other International locations can be pricey
  • Limited to 1 email address to send and receive from
  • Fax storage limited to 200 faxes
  • Pricing has been increasing
  • No ability to send a fax directly from a scanner or receive directly to a printer

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MyFax Internet Faxing Full Review

MyFax has been built to facillitate faxing for everyone from the smaller, home based user to a larger corporate enterprise. With clients of all shapes and sizes, MyFax was one of the original poineers in cloud based faxing and has carved out a customer base that numbers in the millions.

In this review, we will measure MyFax’s internet faxing service against other services in the industry by putting every single detail to the test.

Read on to find out if this fax service is for you.

Our MyFax Plan Specifications:

  • Best Value
  • $9.17 / month
  • Send 100 pages
  • Receive 200 pages
  • Additional Pages within faxing zone 10c each
  • Toll-Free Number or Local Numbers
  • Faxing Zone in USA & Canada. Extra long distance charges to other countries.
  • Microsoft Office and Outlook Integration

Core Online Faxing Features:

This category includes an evaluation of the basics of sending and receiving faxes and core features of the MyFax service.

Sending a Fax with MyFax

MyFax is configured to give you full control when sending faxes through your email or web browser.

Going with more of a minimalist approach, MyFax does not have a software or desktop based application, rather, the program works strictly through their servers, an approach that does not appear to take away from the overall experience.

Sending a Fax through Email

The most popular way of sending a fax through MyFax is through the email system. While there is little that can go wrong with this, MyFax does a good job of making the system run smoothly.

Email can come from any address registered by through your MyFax account and is prepared the same way that an email is.

To send a fax through email, the user just needs to send the email to the fax number at [email protected]” (for example, [email protected]).

Screenshot of sending an email to fax with MyFax
Send a fax through your email address by sending to the fax number The subject line and body of the fax will be transferred over to the respective places on the cover page of the fax.

When the fax is sent, the information from the body of the email transfers over to the body of the cover page, while the subject line of the email transfers over to the subject line of the fax.

Files that are attached to the email are converted over by MyFax’s servers and appear sequentially in the fax on the other end.

Screenshot of attaching files to MyFax to send an email to fax.
Attach files to the email just like you would a regular email, and MyFax will automatically convert them to the proper format to be able to be received by a fax machine.

Documents must be sent in the file formats allowed by MyFax. However, those are about the most numerous in the industry.

Screenshot of sending an email to fax with multiple receivers
Send your fax to multiple people by adding them to the email, or combine email and fax recipients in one message.
Sending a Fax Through the Web Interface

Overall, we like MyFax’s web interface a lot. Compared with other services in the industry, it is smooth and operates well, leaving the user at first to question “that’s it?” after sending a fax, only to find out that there was very little involved.

Screenshot of MyFax's online fax interface. Inputting information to be sent in the fax.
Input the information to be sent with the fax including fax number and who it is addressed to. Select the cover page as well.

MyFax’s web interface looks and feels like an online email system like Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo mail, where attachments are loaded into the system and sent from the web interface.

Screenshot of attaching files to MyFax's internet fax interface
Attach the files you want to be faxed when sending a fax online by uploading them to MyFax’s server.

MyFax’s servers process everything else involved with the transmission, and like the email system leave little extra to be done by the user.

Screenshot of MyFax Online Fax Interface Additional Options
More options like scheduling a fax to be delivered later and inserting a billing code can be added to the fax

Receiving a Fax with MyFax

MyFax allows users to receive their faxes either through their email inbox or the provided web interface. Like the sending function, MyFax takes a minimalist approach to receiving a fax.

Receiving a Fax through Email

When you are sent a fax, the MyFax service will take a fax that it receives and turn it into a PDF document. This arrives attached to an email, with a time and date stamp as well as the first page of the fax (usually the cover page).

Screenshot of Fax received over email with MyFax
Faxes received arrive in your email inbox. The email contains data about the fax, as well as an image of the first page of the fax (helpful for previewing the fax), while the full fax is attached as a file to the email.
Screenshot of 1st page of fax from fax message received by MyFax
View of the first page of the fax in an email as received by MyFax. This example isn’t the only cover page offered by MyFax, and they can be changed and edited.

Once you’ve received the fax in email format, you can do whatever you like with it – print it off, forward it to somebody else as an email, save it, etc. just like you would a regular email.

Receiving a Fax through the Web Interface

The other way of receiving a fax with MyFax is to check in through the web-based interface.

Screenshot of MyFax Internet Fax Inbox
Receive faxes by logging onto your MyFax account. Clicking on “view”  will open the fax into a PDF document.

Very much like a web-based email account (such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and others) MyFax’s web interface will give you access to all your faxes that you’ve sent and received.

The web interface is well built and leaves little extra to be demanded by the user.

Online Fax Interface and Software Usability:

Software Ease of Use

When it comes to operating MyFax, we really like what the system is capable of. There is something about the web interface that makes it feel quick and smooth, and from a minimalist standpoint of looking for a function that is quick and easy with a good execution of the basics, MyFax provides a good user experience.

From a software interface standpoint, there is little with MyFax that is left to be desired.

Integration with other Systems

MyFax is delicately integrated with the Microsoft Office quite of products.

As it is a mostly web-based system, there is little that needs to be truly “integrated” when it comes to MyFax’s systems.

Operating System Support

MyFax is compatible with almost any system in that its process is mostly web based.

With over 170 different file formats at the time of writing of this article, MyFax covers the widest “range” of support when it comes to individual file formats.

Windows users will find that like many programs that are moving towards the web, MyFax offers a web-mostly approach that

Mac users will appreciate the minimalist format, however one should however may be disappointed with the lack of support for Pages and other programs in Mac’s iWork program (a file format that is unfortunately not supported by any of the major online fax services we cover). Mac’s versions of word, Microsoft Works, Novell WordPerfect, and MacWrite II are supported, as are most Open Office / Star Office formats. Mac users may have to compensate by changing formats, or saving files as an RDF or PDF.

Extra Online Faxing Features:

Edit Fax Cover Pages

MyFax lets you edit the cover pages from the original ones in the system. While we prefer the full control that built-in editors from some other providers offer, this option is helpful to get a branded

Share with 5 Different Email Addresses

MyFax lets the user configure the ability to send and receive to and from 5 different email addresses, a good feature for a small or home-based office or a family that wants to share its fax number.

Fax Directly from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

MyFax includes a basic set of functions that let the user send faxes from places such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Smartphone applications

Like the email and web-based systems, we find that MyFax’s approach to a Smartphone is also pleasantly minimalist.

MyFax’s smartphone application provides access to your fax inbox, letting you see faxes that have been sent and received. There is no additional functionality in the system, and the role of the applications is more as an easier way to access the fax inbox than it is to go through the internet browser.

The application is available for iPhone and Blackberry platforms. However, MyFax can be accessed by other operating systems such as Android, Windows Phone, Palm OS, and Symbian OS devices through the regular email functions of the phone.

Customer Service and Support:

Resources and Availability

Customer Service and Technical Support Availability

Customer service resources are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Online Resources

Technical support includes a full FAQ and ticketing system.

There is also an option for support chat mode, which many users find a happy medium between a phone conversation and a ticketing system.

The support page lists the system status, which is helpful for users looking to quickly see if there is a problem on their end or a system-wide problem.

Online Customer Service Reputation

As we consider it impossible to truly “gauge” an organization’s reputation, (customer ratings and reviews can be inaccurate or easily faked, and are often more tilted towards customers venting), we prefer to look closely at the major “themes” that we see across comments of a provider. This is a summary of some of them.

Better Business Bureau

At the time of writing this review, the Better Business Bureau has Protus, the parent company of MyFax listed as an B- on a scale of A+ to F.

MyFax’s history with the BBB is mixed but overall positive. Of the 54 complaints filed, 1 was in regards to Advertising / Sales Issues, 28 (52%) regarding billing issues, 0 regarding guarantee/warranty issues, 25 (46%) regarding a problem with the Product or Service, and 0 in regards to Delivery.


Epinions has 18 reviews of MyFax listed, with an average rating of 1 1/2 stars. A common theme that people report through Epinions appears to be a negative customer service experience – with customer service being listed as absent or not involved in fixing problems that arise.

Ripoff Report

There are six reports filed with the term “MyFax” at Ripoff Report. Complaints are mixed, and there is no major “theme” that can be found across the reports.


MyFax has been a recipient of a number of awards in different areas, mostly focused in the areas of customer service, and employee satisfaction / “Great places to work,” as well as product quality.

List of Awards given to MyFax:


Base Pricing

”Best Value”

  • Send 100 & Receive 200 pages a month
  • Includes Fax Number
  • Free Setup
  • 30 day Trial
  • $10 / month

Extra Faxes

MyFax includes Canada as well as a number of other countries in their local calling area, and extra pages sent or received above the monthly free volumes are at 10c per page. Faxes to countries outside of this “local calling area” are at MyFax’s posted rates per page.

Hidden or Extra Costs

We have found no extra or hidden costs associated with MyFax’s service.

Home User Scenario (Light User)

Home user scenario: 10 pages a month sent, 15 pages a month received. For a small volume home user, this minimum volume would stay well under the monthly minimums, and would most likely pay the minimum each month. This user would budget approximately $10 / month.

Consultant (Medium User)

Consultant Scenario: 200 pages a month sent, 50 pages a month received. For a consultant (medium user), mostly sending signed contracts back and forth, the receiving volume would be still be under the monthly minimum, while the sending volume would be over by 100 pages. This user would budget approximately $10 / month for plan minimum, plus another $10 / month for the extra 100 pages sent for a total of $20 / month.

Health Professional (Heavy User)

Health Professional Scenario: 250 pages a month sent, 250 pages a month received. For the high volume user, they would be over both minimums within the minimum volume levels for the month, however the “most popular” package (send 200 and receive 200 a month for $20) would be better suited to their specific needs. This user would budget $20 per month for the plan minimum, and an extra $10 for the additional 50 pages sent and 50 pages received for a total of $30 / month.

International Salesperson (International User)

International Salesperson Scenario: 200 pages a month sent, 200 pages a month received. 1/4 of volume is to and from the United States, 1/4 to and from Brazil, 1/4 to and from Italy, 1/4 to and from Sri Lanka (countries picked to emulate a mixed set of countries on different continents) For this user, the USA, Italy, and Brazil calls would be considered within the “Local” Calling range. The pages to and from Sri Lanka would cost $0.42 a page ($42).

For this user, the total bill would be $10 for the minimum amount, an extra $5 for the overage on the sent pages, and an extra $42 for the Sri Lanka calls, for a total of $57.


Overall, we like the services that MyFax supports. For someone looking for a truly minimalist interface when it comes to faxing, MyFax provides on of the best experiences.

For people looking for a low rate to fax to a number of international locations, or a wide variety or specialized set of file formats to fax with, MyFax is an excellent choice.

People who are looking for lots of extra features (such as sending a fax from a scanner or receiving a fax directly to a printer, the ability to stamp a fax with a signature) and other “extras” in their service may find that MyFax’s minimalist approach may be too minimalist for their individual uses.

As well, bargain hunters and people looking for competitive pricing on domestic (Canada / USA) faxing may find that MyFax’s monthly free faxes are somewhat limiting compared with other service plans.

Individual Ratings:

  • Core Online Faxing Features   5/5
  • Online Fax Interface and Software Usability  5/5
  • Extra Online Faxing Features  2/5
  • Customer Service    4/5
  • Pricing    3/5

Final Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

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