Nextiva Review – Canada – Sending, Receiving, Local, and Toll Free Numbers

LAST UPDATE: September 29th, 2016

This is a supplement to our overall Nextiva review focused on the Canadian fax market.

Users in Canada should use this supplement as an extra piece to the overall review – this provides notes that may be of interest to the users in the Canadian market.

Nextiva’s Canadian Service Summary

Overall, we consider Nextiva’s setup functional for Canadians but not localized.

With a toll free number, faxing to and from Canadian numbers still occurs at the “local area” rate, and there do not appear to be any extra surcharges for faxing to and from Canada.

It is functional in the sense that there is nothing preventing Canadian users from using the service, there is nothing localized towards Canadians either.

No Canadian based numbers or pricing are available, and Canadian based users are dealing primarily with a fully US-based service.

For Canadian users who are looking for a North American based toll free number, and are comfortable dealing with the nuances of US focused service, Nextiva is still a good option, however users looking for something that feels closer to home may want to consider other options.

Differences from US Based Service

While there is no difference for Canadians from users of the US based service, in the sense that nothing is lacking from the service, there is nothing Canadian-ified. Whether this is good or bad depends on the individual user.

On the positive side, Nextiva includes Canada in their “local” calling area, so even with the US based service, faxing to a Canadian number is at the same rate as a US number.

French Language Service and Support

There is no French language service and support for Nextiva’s service.

Canadian Phone Number Availability

  • Canadian Based Local Fax Numbers? No
  • Canadian Based Toll Free Numbers? North American based toll free numbers
  • Canadian Based Vanity Numbers? North American based vanity toll free numbers

Nextiva has toll free numbers available that to Canadian customers will appear no different than a regular toll free number, however no local faxing numbers in Canada.

According to Nextiva, this is because of the need for e911 (911 service for VoIP phone numbers), where they do not have access to the service in Canada – while e911 has no application for a fax service, it appears to be presenting Nextiva with a  challenge of bringing their full service to north of the border.

Canadian Based Billing

  • Canadian Currency Pricing? No
  • Canada-wide Faxing included in Pricing? Yes (prices include service to any number in Canada or the USA)

Nextiva customes in Canada will be billed in US currency.

Faxing to any number in Canada or the United States is included in the “local” coverage for both toll free and locally based fax numbers.

Location of Servers and Service for Canadian Based Customers

  • Nextiva Headquarters Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
  • Canadian Subsidiary?: No
  • Server Location: Undetermined, most likely across the United States

Canadian based customers should be aware that any faxing through Nextiva’s vFax service between two Canadian fax numbers will likely pass through servers located outside of Canada. While we have found no Tier 1 service that offers “Canadian only” server infrastructure, we feel that this is an important note for Canadian customers, and a feature to the service we think would be beneficial to Canadian customers in the future.

Customer Service Support Hours

Nextiva customer service is available 6am to 6pm Phoenix standard time (British Columbia time in the summer,  Alberta time in the winter) Monday to Friday. For Atlantic coast customers, this means that service and support may not be available until as late as 10am Atlantic / 10:30am Newfoundland time in the summer, but also keeps east coast service open until later in the evenings.


While there is nothing Canadianized about the service, Canadian users who are looking for a simple toll-free fax number and are ok with some of the nuances such as US branded service and currency conversions on each bill will find that Nextiva still offers good online faxing platform.

While Canadian customers shouldn’t completely dismiss Nextiva’s service, they may want to consider other options that are more marked towards the Canadian market.

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