RingCentral Review – UK – Sending, Receiving, Local, and Freephone Numbers

LAST UPDATE: January 29th, 2017

This page is a supplement to our overall RingCentral review focused on the UK fax market.

Users in the United Kingdom should use this supplement as an extra piece to the overall review – this provides notes that may be of interest to the users in the UK market.

RingCentral’s UK Service Summary

Overall, we consider RingCentral’s setup quite UK-friendly.

Local fax numbers are available for all parts of the UK including England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, as well as billing in pound sterling.

Differences from US Based Service

We can find no differences in features or functions in the UK version of RingCentral’s fax service compared with the US version of the service.

UK Phone Number Availability

  • UK Based Local Fax Numbers? Yes
  • UK Based Freephone Numbers? Yes

RingCentral is reasonably well equipped with UK based phone numbers. From a quick search of cities across the UK, we can find local numbers to be available to all the regions and major metropolitan areas. Most cities in the UK with a population over 100,000 people have local numbers available.

Customer Service and Support Hours

Customer support for RingCentral’s UK service is 9:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday, local time.

UK Based Billing

  • Pound Sterling Currency Pricing? Yes
  • UK-wide Faxing included in Pricing? Yes (prices include service to any number in Canada or the USA)

RingCentral offers services priced in Pound sterling currency. We find this helpful for UK users as it limits the exchange rate charges and pricing changes that can happen with purchasing from a US based service.

Faxing to any number in the UK the “local” coverage for both freephone and locally based fax numbers.

Location of Servers and Service for UK Based Customers

  • RingCentral Headquarters Location: San Mateo, California, USA
  • UK Subsidiary?: Yes – RingCentral UK Ltd. of London, England
  • Server Location: Undetermined

Customers purchasing from RingCentral’s UK service have the advantage that they are dealing with the UK-based subsidiary of the company.

It is unknown whether a fax transmission between two UK fax numbers would happen entirely within server infrastructure located within the UK (we have found no tier 1 online fax provider who can guarantee that fax data stays only inside of the UK.


RingCentral offers some good options for UK based users and leaves nothing lacking compared to the US version reviewed in our main review. In most scenarios works out as a good fit for UK based users looking for a low to mid volume fax number with the UK focused service.

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