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Alexander Bain Biography – Fax Machine Inventor & Clockmaker

Arthur Korn Biography – Fax Machine Inventor and Television Experimenter

Biographies of People who Invented Fax Technology

Black Fax – Disabling of a Fax Machine

Brother Fax Machines – Home, Small Office, and Workgroup

Canon Fax Machines – Office and Workgroup

Edouard Belin Biography – Fax and Belinographe Inventor

eFax Online Fax Service Review

eFax vs RingCentral Online Fax Comparison

eFax vs. Nextiva Internet Fax Service

Fax face up or fax face down?

Fax Machine Resources

Fax Machine Support – Resources and Contact Information

Fax Modems – Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Fax Resources

Fax Software – Convert a computer to a fax machine

Faxing How To

Frederick Bakewell Biography – Image Telegraph Inventor

Frequently Asked Questions

Fultograph – Invented by Otto Fulton

Giovanni Caselli Biography – Pantelegraph and Fax Inventor

Herbert E. Ives Biography – Color Fax Inventor and Ives-Stilwell Theorist

How a Fax Machine Works – From Start to Finish

How to email a fax

How to fax a PDF (send a PDF to a fax number or machine)

How to fax from a VoIP phone (such as Skype, Vonage, Magic Jack, or Google Voice)

How to fax from Google (Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Drive)

How to fax from Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, and more)

How to fax internationally – Calling & Dialing Codes

How to fax to an email address

How to fax wirelessly

How to fix a paper jam in a fax machine – steps to fix your jammed fax

How to get a fax number – toll free, local, or online

How to send a fax from a computer, fax machine, or online

How to send and receive a fax from a smartphone (or tablet)

How to send and receive faxes from a computer – sofware, online services, connected printers, and more

How to send or receive a fax from a Blackberry

How to send or receive a fax from a Windows 7 PC

How to send or receive a fax from a Windows 8 or 8.1 PC

How to send or receive a fax from a Windows phone or tablet

How to send or receive a fax from a Windows Vista PC

How to send or receive a fax from a Windows XP PC

How to send or receive a fax from an Android phone or tablet

How to send or receive a fax from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (iOS Device)

How to send or receive a fax form Linux (Ubuntu, Mint, Chrome OS, and other distributions)

How to send or receive a fax without a fax machine or land line phone

How to use a fax machine – set up, sending, receiving, features, and common problems

HP fax machines – personal, home, small business, and workgroup fax

Junk fax – resources and regulation

Linux and open source online faxing

MyFax internet fax service review

MyFax vs eFax fax service comparison

MyFax vs Nextiva comparison

Nextiva Fax vs. RingCentral fax service comparison

Nextiva online fax service review

Online fax guide & internet fax reviews

Online fax services – Canada – local, toll free, billing, and more

Online fax services – reviews and comparisons of online and internet based faxing services

Online fax services – UK – sending, receiving, local, and freephone services

Online fax services for Mac OS X – sending, receiving, and faxing

Richard H. Ranger Biography – Inventor of the Wireless Photoradiogram

Ricoh fax machines – Home Office, Small Office, Workgroup Fax

RingCentral fax vs. MyFax fax service comparison

RingCentral online fax service review

Rudolf Hell Biography – inventor of the Hellschreiber

Sending and receiving faxes with Mac OS X

Shelford Bidwell Biography – Inventor of Telephotography

Telautograph – Invented by Elisha Gray

The history of fax – from 1843 to present day

The Pantelegraph – invented by Giovanni Caselli

What are the past, present, and future tenses of “fax”?

Where can I send a fax? local, online, in store, and other options

Why does my fax machine not work with my VoIP phone line?

Why is faxing still used?


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St. Louis judge asked to approve $1.6 million ‘junk fax’ class action settlement

Could fax be the smoking gun for voter fraud in a Sydney suburb?

50% of large global companies still communicate with suppliers through phone, email, and fax

Could a hacker be fined under junk fax law for printer trolling?

Nova Scotia spa has been receiving mental health records for over a decade

Along with Armani suits, Hamptons weekend attire, and the cellphone fax was part of CNN Money’s anatomy of the 1980s high tech businessman

National Law Review reporting that the FCC’s clarification of “solicited” fax rules already under siege

Check your preprogrammed area code 919 (North Carolina – Durham and Surrounding Areas)

Court rules company liable for fax spam sent on their behalf

Latest fax scam involves fake DOT asking for procurements

Firefighters in Detroit rigging fax machine rube goldberg machines

$16M fax voilatoin lawsuit resolved by the FCC

FCC confirming opt-out notice requirements to all fax advertisements

Indian Tsunami warnings in 10-20 minutes

Fax misuse responsible for murder suspect going free

Certification granted to class action lawsuit against MetLife for unsolicited faxes

Israeli bill would make alternatives to fax mandatory

Court rules that insurer is off the hook for a junk fax settlement

Yellow pages fax scam emerges in Australia

Electronic records, not a standalone fax machine responsible for misdialled Saskatchewan health records

What are the most used fax numbers?

Fax case could be headed to the supreme court

Voice to text translation service makes fax poetry

With a small office and a fax machine, even you can claim to lead a rebel army

Fax – the exhibition

The best way to contact the post office? fax

IRS warning on fax & email scams directed at tax filers

City council member faces state ethics charge over e-mails

Windows XP still the dominant OS, Vista & 7 support extended to 2017 and 2020

Vacation season brings travel scams

27 junk faxes could cost $432,000

Wells Fargo wires scammer $2.1 million (or, why you should never post signatures on a website)

Fax security – website to unsubscribe from is really an attack website

J2 Global acquires Australia’s Zintel Communications

Don’t be “that person”

Xerox announces winter printer sale

Xerox and McAffe partner on printer, fax, and MFP security

Win a cruise contest over a fax machine? probably not…

Best way to get a birthday card from the president? fax

Philadelphia lawmakers offering plans to let citizens contest parking tickets by fax

Confidential health records accidentally sent to Lely, Florida couple releases iPhone faxing application

eFax passes 10,000 customer mark in Japan

Is your paperless office creating more paper?

Canon picks up 7 Buyers Laboratory LLC Winter “Pick” Awards

Gentle reminder: faxes are generally considered “received” communication

J2 Global acquires Zimo Communications Ltd. (Numberstore)

Check the caller ID first – fax number and time stamp gives up campaign treasurer doing political work on state resources and time

J2 Global reports Q4 and 2011 year end earnings, increases quarterly dividend

Manufacturer Ricoh sees jobs go

Faxing at 10,000 feet?

Canon USA announces release of 3 new Pixma print / copy / scan / fax units for the home & home office market

J2 Global acquires Landslide Technologies, Inc.

HP recalls 1040 and 1050 fax machines due to fire hazard

Fax a necessary communication tool for startups and other businesses

Hardcopy fax still relevant in Elizabethton, other communities

“Next Generation” technology integrating “last generation” technology



3D Fax – Binary Files over Fascimile and the Michelangelo Project

Fax Demodulator – Intercept Fax Signals

Group 4 Compression – ITU-T T.6

HF Fax – High Frequency Fax (Radiofax)

Radiofax (also known as Weatherfax or HF Fax)

T.38 – G3 Fascimile over IP

Weatherfax – Fax Signal over Radio (Radiofax)

Fax machine

Email fax

Internet fax

Online fax