Faxing with Skype – sending, receiving, troubleshooting, and more


There are no fax features built into Skype.

VoIP systems and fax machines usually have a lot of problems working together.

Popular alternatives to faxing through Skype are:

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Can I send and receive faxes with Skype?

No (well maybe, but probably not).

Skype does not offer fax lines or a fax service.

A fax machine (or computer with fax software) can be connected to the Skype service, however it probably won’t work. If does work we don’t see the connection as reliable.

Our current best alternatives

  1. An online fax service.
  2. A fax machine (or computer with fax software) connected to a landline phone line.
  3. Using a local “bricks and mortar” provider (such as a library or copy shop) for faxing.

Why isn’t it going to work?

Fax signals sent over a VoIP phone line can become scrambled to so that they aren’t by the fax machine on the other side of the phone line.

Even when basic documents do work, multiple pages as well as graphically intense images may cause errors.

For a detailed explanation, see our page on “Why doesn’t my fax work with my VoIP phone line?

The official answer from Skype

We can’t find an official answer directly from Skype’s support section.

In the Skype community, we can see limited conversations regarding sending and receiving faxes with Skype. Conversations in the Skype community show that fax and Skype are not compatible.

Sending or receiving a fax with Skype

We don’t recommend doing this. It is, however, the best answer that might work that we’re aware of.

Note: Even if this works, we don’t see this approach as reliable in the long term. This is simply the best way to try to get it to work.

Found a better way? let us know through our contact page.

What you’ll need

Step 1 – connect everything together

Set up the fax machine (or computer with fax software) the same way it would be to connect to a regular landline phone line.

Connect the USB to analog converter the computer, and test it with the Skype service. To test the connection, connect a regular analog phone to the phone line. If there is a dial tone and the phone can make and receive calls, then the converter and Skype are working together.

Step 2 – try it out

Try sending a fax to someone or have someone fax you.

If you don’t know anyone to trade faxes with we see our page on test fax services.

Step 3 – adjust some settings on the fax machine

The first settings to adjust on the fax machine are:

  1. Lower the baud rate (or speed rate) of the fax machine to as low as it can go. If there is no baud rate feature, then opt any setting that looks like it is slower or a lower number.
  2. Turn error correction mode (ECM) off.

These features will vary depending on the model of fax machine.

This can make the signal easier to understood through the digital VoIP connection.

Please keep in mind that lowering the baud rate will make the fax send and receive slower. Turning the error correction mode off will mean that faxes that are sent and received may not be as clear.

Step 4 – try it again

Repeat step 2 – test the fax connection out.

Step 5 – if it didn’t work, put your fax machine (or fax software) settings back to where they were

If this didn’t work, increase the baud rate and turn error correction mode of the fax machine back on.

This will return the fax machine back to its regular feature set for use later.

Plugins and apps

There are no plugins and apps that we are aware of that will allow for faxing through Skype.

We’ve noticed a few mentioned elsewhere on the internet, however they appear to not be offered anymore.


An analog phone line to USB converter is used to connect a fax machine (or computer with a fax modem and fax software) to Skype through the USB connection.

This connection will likely not work (see above), however it’s necessary if an attempt is made.

Frequently asked questions

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Contact us with any questions about fax and Skype not listed here.

Question: Are there any online fax services that are compatible with Skype?

Answer: Not that we’re aware of.

An online fax service runs as a separate phone line – a separate service from Skype.

In most cases, the fax service is connected to an email system to allow sending and receiving faxes through the email server.

Question: Can I fax documents such as Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word through Skype?

Answer: No, see the explanation above and our suggested alternatives.

We also have specific resources for faxing a PDF or a Microsoft Word document.

Question: My fax machine was working with Skype before – what changed?

Answer: We’re not sure what changed. Sometimes a one fax is successful and the next is not.

Most fax transmission over VoIP problems come from the way that the VoIP phone line changes the call signal to digital (it can make the fax transmission fail). A change in the VoIP environment can result in a transmission that worked no longer working.

Another possibility is that something changed with another fax machine you are communicating with.

Question: Can I receive a fax with my Skype phone number and forward it to my email account?

Answer: No, see the explanation above and our suggested alternatives.

Sources and more resources

Skype CommunityCan I send a fax on Skype? – a short question and answer conversation in the Skype community regarding the ability to fax through a Skype connection.

VoIP Mechanic – Faxing over VoIP, the correct configuration settings you need to make – a technical explanation of how to configure a VoIP phone system and fax machine to work together. Please note the disclaimers on how this approach might still not work.

Fax Authority – Why does my fax machine not work from my VoIP phone? – a summary and quick explanation of the challenges with faxing through a VoIP line.