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Last Update: August 9th, 2021

Fax AuthorityWelcome.

We have the goal of making the best resource site on the internet for everything involving fax.

While many publications have declared the “demise” of fax, we believe that there is still a very relevant and necessary need for faxing and fax information, both for personal and business use.

We have built a number of resources around the faxing theme, and this website follows and updates the world on updates in fax technology, as well embraces discussion on a number of themes, including:

  • The shift of fax technology from standalone hardcopy fax machines to computer and online fax
  • The shift of fax machines into multifunction units
  • The shift of telephony towards IP based systems, and how it affects (and is affected by) faxing
  • The shift of how documentation is transferred electronically
  • Legal issues involving electronic communication
  • Replacement technology for fax

We also created this site because we know that for the majority of users, fax is a necessary frustration. In many cases, that frustration is enhanced simply because fax information is difficult to find and rarely covered by major outlets. For this reason, we aim to be the best location on the internet for helping users get the information that will complement their needs.

We hope you find FaxAuthority faxingating.

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