Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

Sending a fax

Where can I send a fax? – 12 Places Where You Can Fax in 2019 – Our list of businesses and stores that may have a fax machine for public use.

How do I send a fax? (From a computer, fax machine, or online) – A guide to sending a fax in every way possible.

What does it mean when there is “no answer” to a fax? – A common error message on a machine machine is “no answer.” It means the receiving fax machine is not answering the fax call.

How long does it take to send a fax? – About a minute per page. It can be shorter or longer depending on a number of factors such as page length, number of images, and more.

How much does it cost to send a fax? – Some examples of pricing for fax costs from around the country.

How to get through to a busy fax machine – Trying to fax a busy fax machine? Here are some ideas on how to get through.

Can you fax without a landline? – Methods of faxing if you don’t have a landline phone line at home.

Do you need a phone line to fax? – No you don’t. If you want to run a standard fax machine you do, but there are alternatives.

Will a fax go through after business hours? – Usually it will. There are some times where it might not.

Receiving a fax

How do I receive a fax without a fax machine or land-line phone? – No equipment? Here are some alternative methods of faxing.

Does someone have to answer a fax? – Usually no. If a fax machine is set to manually answer, then someone will have to be at the fax machine.

How do you answer a fax? – What to do when you get a fax call.

Computer Faxing

How do I fax from a computer? – An introduction to computer faxing.

How do I fax from Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, or Windows Phone or Tablet? – Specific resources on faxing from a Windows computer.

How do I fax with an Apple OS X computer? – Specific resources for faxing from a Mac.

How do I fax from a Linux computer? – Specific resources for faxing from a Linux computer.

Smartphone faxing

How can I fax wirelessly? – “Wireless” can mean a number of things – from a wireless smartphone, to WiFi, to a wireless printer. Here is our collection of how to fax wirelessly.

How can I fax with a smartphone (or tablet)? – A guide to faxing with an iPhone or Android phone or tablet.

Can you use a cell phone to send a fax? – A guide to different types of cell phone faxing. Includes notes on smartphones and connecting a physical cell phone to a fax machine.

How do I fax from an Android phone (or tablet)? – Our guide to faxing with an Android phone or tablet.

How do I fax from an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch)? – Our guide to faxing with an iOS device.

How can I fax from a Blackberry? – Our guide to faxing with a Blackberry.

Online & Email

How can I email a fax? – Our guide to email fax.

How can I fax to an email address? – Our guide to sending a message from a fax machine to someone’s email address.

How can I fax a PDF? – Our guide to faxing a PDF document.

How can I fax from Google and Gmail? – Our guide to faxing with Google products.

How can I fax from Microsoft Office (including Outlook)? – Our guide to faxing with Microsoft Office products.

Fax Numbers

How do I get a fax number? – Every possible way you can get a fax number.

How many digits are there in a fax number? – The same number that there are in phone numbers in your local area.

What is an example of a fax number? – What fax numbers look like in various countries.

Do you dial ‘1’ when sending a fax? – You do if it is a long distance call. Fax numbers are dialed the same as phone numbers.

What happens when you call a fax number? – If you call it phone a phone, you’ll hear a series of beeps as the receiving fax machine tries to answer the call. If you dial it from a fax machine you’ll end up sending the receiving fax machine a message.

How much does a fax line cost? – If you already have a landline phone you can have one for $0. Otherwise expect to pay about US$10/month for an online fax service or US$30/month for a separate phone line.

Fax Machines

How do I use a fax machine? – Our guide to setting up and using a fax machine.

How do I clear a paper jam in a fax machine? – How to get paper out of a fax machine.

Do I put the paper in a fax machine face up or face down? – How to figure out which way the paper goes into the fax machine’s document feeder.

How does a fax machine work? – The basics of fax.

How do I fax with a VoIP phone line? – Why fax and VoIP are incompatible, and some ways to get around the problem.

How do I fax double sided? – Double siding defaults to the individual fax machine’s settings.

How many pages can be faxed at once? – While there is no theoretical limit to the size of a fax, it’s a good habit to group large faxes into batches of 50 pages.

How to cancel a fax? – How to cancel a fax that is already transmitting.

How do I send a fax from a printer? – How to use a printer to send or receive a fax.

Why do fax machines have phones? – It’s a way of accessing the phone line that the fax machine is on. Some people use their fax as a spare phone.

How does a fax machine store information? – Like a computer. It has RAM and sometimes a hard drive.

What is the best font for fax? – Fax needs to be legible at a low resolution. Here are some of the better fonts to accomplish the task.

Dialing and fax numbers

How do I dial an international fax? – Instructions for faxing to any country in the world from any country in the world.

How many rings should I set my fax machine for? – Usually around 3. It depends if you have an answering machine on the same line as the fax.

Can I have phone and fax on the same line? – Yes you can, although it can be cumbersome if you expect full use from both of them.

What is the difference between a phone number and a fax number? – A fax number is a phone number with a fax machine connected to it.

How do I find my fax number? – Not sure what your fax number is? Here are some ways to figure it out.

Can you have a fax number without a landline? – Yes you can. An online fax service is the best option to fax without a landline phone line.

How do I know if I have a VoIP phone line or traditional POTS line? – Without knowing for sure it can be difficult to figure out. Here are some ways to test your type of phone connection.

Can you send a fax using WiFi? – You can use WiFi to connect to a wireless printer/fax machine. The fax machine, however, will need to be connected to a physical phone line. You can also use WiFi to connect to an online fax service.

Why does my fax machine not work on my VoIP phone line? – VoIP and fax are incompatible. Here is why.

History & Issues

Where can I find a history of fax? – The ability to send an image over a wire is older than telephone technology.

Where can I find biographies of people who invented fax technology? – Our list of personalities who helped move fax technology along.

Why is faxing still used in 2020? (16 reasons) – Fax is still used for many good reasons.

I’m receiving junk faxes – what should I do about them? – Junk faxes are illegal in most places. Here is a way to help stop them.

How do I know if my fax was completed? – Fax prints a confirmation page when your fax successfully goes through.

Definitions and Terms

What are the past, present, and future tenses of “fax”? – How to conjugate the word “fax.”

What is the full form of fax? – Facsimile, fax machine, telefax, telefacsimile are all full forms of fax.