What are the past, present, and future tenses of “fax”?

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

Past tenses of “fax”

The past tense of “fax” is “faxed. For past continuous and past perfect continuous, it is “faxing.”

Simple Past: Faxed (Last night, I faxed the document).

Past continuous: Faxing (I was faxing the document last night).

Past perfect: Faxed (I had faxed at least 100 documents by the time I got promoted).

Past perfect continuous: Faxing (I had been faxing documents for at least a year before my boss learned to fax).

Present tense of “fax”

The present tense of fax is “fax.” For present continuous and present perfect continuous, it is “faxing.” For present perfect it is “faxed.”

Simple present: Fax (I fax nearly every day, or I send a fax nearly every day).

Present continuous: Faxing (I am faxing a document at the moment).

Present perfect: Faxed (I have faxed so many documents I can’t keep count).

Present perfect continuous: Faxing (I have been faxing since I was ten years old).

Future tense of “fax”

The future tense of fax is “fax.” For future continuous and future perfect continuous, it is “faxing.” For future perfect it is “faxed.”

Simple future: Fax (I will fax as many documents as I can this year).

Future continuous: Faxing (I will be faxing the document soon).

Future perfect: Faxed (I will have faxed at least 200 documents by the end of the month).

Future perfect continuous: Faxing (I will have been faxing for at least an hour before lunch today).

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