How to Send a Fax from a Computer, Fax Machine, or Online

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

With many people still using fax to communicate, it is important to know how to send a fax.

These days, there are two ways to send a fax – either through a fax machine or over an online fax service. We will detail both methods here.

Table of ContentsHow to Send a Fax

Sending a Fax with an Online Fax Service

With fax becoming less of a common method of communicating, many people are moving to an online fax service for their faxing.

An online fax service offers some the same features that a fax machine provides, with the added benefit of being able to fax online, wherever you have an internet connection.

If you already have an online fax service, then use the following quick guide to sending a fax:

  1. Open the program from the online fax service provider that you use
  2. Select the file that you want to fax
  3. Enter the fax number that you want to send to
  4. Press “Send.”
  5. Wait for the document to finish transmitting
  6. Send another fax, or close the program

Sending a Fax with a Fax Machine

To send a fax with a fax machine your fax machine will need to be properly configured.

We have put together a full guide on how to use a fax machine to help ensure that your fax machine is properly configured, as well as certain settings that you may need to consider.

Once your fax is on and configured, then you will be ready to send your fax.

To send a fax with your fax machine:

  1. Place the document you want to send in the document feeder. There is usually a small icon that will show which was is “face up” for sending your document.
  2. Enter the fax number you want to send to, including and extensions to dial externally, and any international dialing codes
  3. Press Send or Go (depending on your fax machine model)
  4. Wait for the fax to finish scanning and sending your document
  5. Take your confirmation page (if you have the feature enabled)
  6. Take your original document with you

Sending a Fax with a Computer

Most computers these days have the ability to double as a fax machine.

While we primarily the use of an online fax service when using a computer as a fax, some people still use their computer as a direct replacement for a fax machine that typically sits on a desk.

We have put together a full guide to enabling and configuring fax services on your computer, including Windows XP, Vista, and 7, as well as Mac OSX and Linux operating systems.

If you already have a fax service installed on your computer, then usually the process of sending a fax with a computer goes as follows:

  1. Open the program you want to use to fax
  2. Select the document that you want to have faxed
  3. Prepare a cover page to put on top of that document
  4. Select the option to “fax””
  5. Enter the fax number you want to send to
  6. Select the option to “send.”
  7. Wait for the document to finish sending
  8. Send another fax, or close the program

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