Where can I send a fax? Anytime, anywhere

LAST UPDATE: July 11th, 2017

We’ve put together a guide to finding a place where you can send a fax.

It can be difficult to find a place to send a fax as there are no fax-only stores. There are, however, options available.
Where can I send a fax?

Whenever sending a fax to a location that you don’t have control over, it’s always important to ask questions about confidentiality and security.


  • An online fax service or computer fax software is already available to most people.
  • Copy/print shops will be the most likely retail place to have a fax machine.
  • Hotels, travel bureaus (or anything to do with travel and tourism), and truck stops are the next best option.

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Online fax service

The simplest way to send a fax when you don’t have a fax machine is to use an online fax service. An online fax service will let you fax directly from your computer (or email) to a fax machine, without having to connect through a phone line or set up equipment.

We have a full guide on selecting an online fax service located in our online faxing section.


Most online fax services offer one month of free fax service. After the free first month, regular rates $7 – $15 per month depending on features and services available.

Monthly plans start at around 100 pages per month of faxes sent or received, with extra pages costing 5 to 10 cents.

What to expect

An online fax lets you send or receive a fax with a computer program, smartphone app, or email. Signup can be done in about 5 minutes and requires a credit card.

Fax with a computer

A computer can be a direct replacement for a fax machine. Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista Business, and XP all include a free copy of Windows Fax and Scan, while Linux has a small variety of fax software available as well. Apple’s MacOS does not have fax software available at the moment.


Fax software can be free (Windows includes a free program). The only per-page cost is from telephone charges such as long distance or international rates.

What to expect

A computer fax will still require a landline phone line (just like a regular fax machine).

Most fax software looks and feels like an email program, except it is to send and receive faxes.

Fax with a smartphone

The best way to fax with a smartphone is via an online fax service. Email to fax and fax to email features integrate well with any smartphone (including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone). Some providers offer apps as well.

UPS / FedEx Stores / Kinkos / Print & Copy Stores

Most Copy and Print Shops, as well as mailing locations and mailbox stores, will have a fax service. Call ahead or check the website to look to see if the service is available.

The larger chains that supply this service are UPS Stores, and Kinkos, and Staples. Every town has some independent copy/print stores as well.

Yelp, the Yellow Pages,  Google Maps, and Craigslist all have listings for fax services. We’ve found that most of these results are only copy/print shops, however.


Rates at a copy/print shop to send or receive a fax are typically $5 for the first page then $1 for each extra page to send or receive a local fax.

Long distance and international rates to send a fax are usually available but will cost more. Expect an extra $1 per page for long distance and an extra $3-5 (or more) per page to international destinations.

Receiving a fax from a long distance or international location will usually be billed at the regular receiving rate (as the sending party is paying the long distance charges).

What to expect

Call ahead to make sure there are facilities to send or receive a fax.

Many will only do outbound faxing. Some will only receive a fax for a client with a mailbox.

Business centers, coworking spaces, and internet cafes

Business centers and coworking spaces will all have fax machines. Business centers are often are set up with a small copy/print area for their local users.

Coworking spaces have more permanent clients where people rent out desks or office space for their business.

Internet cafes are more focused on providing web services. However, some have a fax machine.


Rates for to send or receive a fax at a business center should be around the same or more than a copy/print shop.

A coworking space may have services reserved only for members (typically people who rent a desk or virtual office). Membership usually starts around $100 per month and includes a lot of extras such as mailbox services, reception services, and use of office space.

What to expect

Call ahead before going to the location. “Business center,” “coworking space,” and “internet cafe,” are vague and sometimes interchangeable terms, and different rules apply to each place. Some business centers may have all equipment on a coin or card operated system, and fax may only be available during limited hours when the staff are there.

Hotels, Hostels, RV parks, Convention Centers & Travel Bureaus (anything travel related)

If you are traveling, often the hotel, hostel, or RV park where you are staying will have fax facilities or be able to direct you to a place that will.

Travel and tourist bureaus will know where to find a fax machine even if they don’t have one available.


Rates will be a bit more than a copy/print store. Expect $4-6 per page for the first page of the fax, then $1-2 per page for all other pages. Long distance is often $1-3 a page, and more for international rates.

Hotels near the downtown or an airport (who market to business travelers) will be more likely to have facilities and lower page costs than hotels who market only to tourists.

Some hotels and travel locations offer free (or discounted) faxing as a service for guests.

What to expect

Sometimes the fax machine is behind the front desk, other times it is off to the side for client use. In some places, the front desk will be open 24 hours a day, while the business area might not be.

Many places will require a person to be staying there to receive a fax.

Truck stops

Trucking relies heavily on fax.

Most truck stops list a public fax number, and this is a good indication that fax service is available. Often trucking paperwork is faxed to a truck stop for truck drivers.

The larger brand of national truck stops is Pilot Flying J.


Rates should be less than a copy/print store ($1 per page for local), although the first page may be $2-3. There should be no membership fees required.

What to expect

Call ahead to ask about the facility. Many are open 24 hours a day.

Other places, someone to point you in the right direction, and rare finds

These places may rarely have a fax machine or send a fax to help someone in an emergency. Some of them may know where to find a fax machine for public use.

Gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, and malls

In many small towns, the local gas station still has a fax machine available for public use. It is rare to find a gas station or convenience store with a fax machine in a large city. However, they may know where to find one.

A restaurant next to a highway may be willing to send a fax. Independent restaurants would be more likely to send one than a fast food or corporate chain.

Many (larger sized) malls will have a concierge or guest services desk that would either send a fax for you or know where to find a fax.

Pharmacies, doctors offices, and legal offices

Pharmacies, doctors offices, and law offices will have a fax machine. Most doctors offices and legal offices will not let the public use their fax machine except in an emergency. Pharmacies rarely will have a fax for public use (it would be more common in a small town).

Don’t expect either to receive a fax and hold it for you or to know of someone with a fax machine for public use.

Banks and credit unions

A bank will have a fax machine. Some will let clients send a fax at their location for bank-related business. Most won’t let non-clients use it.

Don’t expect a bank or credit union to receive a fax and hold it for you, or to know of a place to send a fax.

Industrial and business parks

Throughout the industrial and business parks of the world, there are countless fax machines in each of these offices. Please keep in mind that these are private businesses that have nothing to do retail and faxing. In an emergency, however, they may be able to help send a fax.

Friends and Family

Typically someone in your extended circle of friends will have a fax machine you can use. Call around or use social media to see who might have the equipment.

The most likely candidates will be people who have some small business or home office. Real estate agents and mortgage brokers are a good example.

Have you found any other places?

Your finds help us help other people in the same situation! Contact us to let us know about other places you frequently find a fax machine.

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