Where Can I Send a Fax? Local, Online, In Store, and Other Options

LAST UPDATE: August 30th, 2018

We’ve put together a guide to finding a place where you can send a fax.Where can I send a fax?

Whenever sending a fax to a location that you don’t have control over, it’s always important to ask questions about confidentiality and security.

Faxing Online

The simplest way to send a fax when you don’t have a fax machine is to use an online fax service. An online fax service will let you fax directly from your computer to a fax machine, without having to connect through a phone line or set up equipment.

We have a full guide on selecting an online fax service located in our online faxing section.

If you need to use a fax machine, then there are some places you can typically check:

UPS / FedEx Stores / Kinkos / Print & Copy Stores

Most Copy and Print Shops, as well as mailing locations, will have a fax service. Call ahead or check the website to look to see if the service is available.

Rates: Expect to pay $3-6 for the first page, and $1-2 for each extra page to send a local fax. Long distance and international rates will be extra.

The larger chains that supply this service are UPS Stores and Kinkos.

Business centers, coworking spaces, and internet cafes

Many of these locations have a small copy/print area. Sometimes they are reserved for “members,” other times they are open to the public.

Rates: Expect to page close to the same rate as a copy center (if not more). Membership at a co-working space may start at $50 a month.

Hotels, Hostels, RV parks, Convention Centers, & Travel Bureaus (anything travel related)

If you are traveling, often the hotel or hostel that you are staying at will have fax facilities or be able to direct you to a place that will, or travel and tourist bureaus usually have the same information.

Rates: Expect to pay a bit more than a copy/print shop.

Truck stops

The trucking industry relies heavily on fax. Most truck stops will have a fax (many list it publicly) and are often open 24 hours of the day. Many times they are sending and receiving large faxes on behalf of drivers.

Rates: Expect to pay $2-3 for the first page and $1 for every extra page. Rates will be more for long distance and international faxes.

Friends and Family

Typically someone in your extended circle of friends will have a fax machine you can use. Call around or use social media to see who might have the equipment.

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