How much does it cost to send a fax?

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

Sending a fax can cost anywhere from free (if using a fax machine you own) to dollars per page (if using a local store). Here are some of the costs:

From a fax machine you own: the cost to send a fax is only the cost of the landline phone call (usually free for local, there may be a charge for long distance). Expect each page of the fax to take 1 minute of transmission time.

From an online fax service: usually 3-10¢ per page. Most fax services include a number of pages in their monthly cost.

Expect to pay US$5-15 for a fax service that includes at least 100 pages per month. Extra pages cost 5-10¢ per page.

From a local store: usually $3-6 for the first page and $1-2 for each page after. We keep a list of stores that can send faxes on our page where can I send a fax.