How to fax wirelessly

Wireless fax can be done in a number of ways depending on the technology you have available.sending a fax over wireless (cellular or wifi)

For “cellular wireless” (the kind used in smartphones), the most common option is to fax over the cellular network through an online fax service.

For “WiFi wireless” (from the computer) (the kind used to connect a laptop or smartphone to a local internet connection), an online fax service can be used, or there are other options for faxing through a connected fax machine.

For “WiFi wireless” (from the fax machine), there are a number of fax machines and multifunction printers with WiFi fax capability.

Finally, for a “fax machine that has a wireless (cellular) connection”, there are a few models available.

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  • Method 1 – Cellular wireless
  • Method 2 – WiFi wireless
  • Method 3 – Fax machine with a wireless (cellular) connection

Method 1 – Cellular Wireless

Smartphone and tablet users who want to fax wirelessly over a cellular connection have one main option – an online fax service.

These fax services act a virtual fax machine and allow you to send and receive faxes through email, an app, or a web interface.

With a cellular wireless connection, there is no way to turn a smartphone into a cellular “modem” that a traditional fax machine can be plugged into. As well, there is no software that will make a smartphone “act” like a direct replacement for a fax machine, sending and receiving faxes over the same phone line as the cellular phone number.

Method 2 – WiFi wireless (from the computer)

Computer, tablet, and smartphone users who want to fax wirelessly over a WiFi connection can do so through an online fax service the same way as in Method 1 (Cellular wireless). Most online fax services can be accessed from anywhere the internet can be accessed.

Another option is that there are some connected fax machines that can be faxed to wirelessly over a WiFi network from a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

These connected fax machines still need a physical connection to a land-line phone line – the “wireless” portion is the WiFi connection between the computer and the fax machine.

Method 3 – Fax machines with a wireless (cellular) connection

The final option is a “wireless fax machine” – a physical fax machine that can be connected to a cellular phone connection.

While the terms vary, these are typically called “GSM fax machines” or “CDMA fax machines” depending on the type of network they operate on (GSM is typically an AT&T network, while Verizon operates on CDMA).

With this approach, the fax machine would have a separate fax number and cellular account, and operate over the cellular connection to send and receive faxes (just like a traditional fax machine).

It should be noted that reception quality is very important for this approach – any static or loss of quality on the connection, and a GSM or CDMA fax machine will not be able to understand the message being transmitted.