How to send or receive a fax without a fax machine or land line phone

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

Without a fax machine or land-line phone line, there are three ways to send or receive a fax: an online fax service, an enterprise fax server, or finding a nearby location that can send and receive faxes on your behalf.

Method 1 – Online fax services

An online fax service will let a user send and receive faxes through the internet using email, a web interface, or software program.

A fax service account can be accessed from anywhere the internet can be accessed – a computer, smartphone, tablet, or web portal at a visiting computer.

Method 2 – Enterprise fax server

An enterprise fax server is very similar to an online fax service. However, it is operated internally by an organization.

This option is primarily open to larger organizations with their IT departments.

Method 3 – Finding a nearby location

The last option for sending a fax without a fax machine or land-line phone line is to find a retail outlet that has a fax machine for public use.

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