How do I know if my fax was completed?

There are ways to tell if a fax has been completely sent or received.

Sending a fax – how do I know it was completely sent?

You should receive a confirmation page or the transmission should be listed as successful in the fax logs.

Fax transmissions include a confirmation process.

When the sending fax machine has completely sent all its information, there is a part of the transmission where the sending fax machine says “that’s all the information I have” and the receiving fax machine says “ok, message received.”

Once this confirmation process has happened, the sending fax prints a confirmation page (if the option is selected) that acts as a proof of receipt of the message.

Alternatively, most fax machines keep logs of the time, date, number of pages, and success status of any fax transmissions.

Receiving a fax – how do I know I got all the pages of my fax?

Check the cover page and the fax logs.

The cover page should include the total number of pages in the fax transmission. This information is usually written in by the person sending the fax. If you have the same number of pages that are listed on the cover page, then you have all the pages of your fax.

The logs on your fax machine should also have the information of the time, number of pages, and duration of recent fax transmissions.