All fax documents in memory have been lost

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

Losing all fax documents in memory can be one of the most challenging problems to fix.

In many cases, the stored documents will be lost. In some, they can be retrieved.

Immediately try to reprint all stored documents

Some fax machines have small amounts of memory that will store recent documents.

Explanation: Fax machines have memory that is used when sending and receiving faxes. Sometimes this memory is able to store faxes that haven’t yet printed, however that feature varies by machine.

Many fax machines that do have this feature may have a time limitation on how long they store older faxes, or there may be a limitation on the number of fax pages they store.

Resolution: Once the fax is turned back on, reprinting documents stored in memory may be possible within a certain time frame

Contact fax senders

If you are unable to print off faxes you’ve recently received, then print the fax logs to see who has faxed you.

Fax a message to those numbers to let them know their message was probably not received due to an error of your fax machine, and to resend the fax as soon as they are able.

It is important to send this message. When a fax completes the sending fax machine receives a confirmation page to keep as a receipt that the fax completed. If the receiving fax machine stores that fax in memory (so that it does not print), the sending fax machine will still print the confirmation page.