Fax is skipping pages

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

My fax is skipping pages. Why could this be happening?

The sending fax could lack a double sided scanner

Many times people try to fax a double sided document through a fax or scanner that only reads one side of the page.

Explanation: If every second page is missing, this is usually the case. The original document was printed onto double sided paper and put into a fax machine that can only read one side of the page.

Resolution #1: print the original document onto single sided paper and fax it again.

Resolution #2: get a fax or scanner that can read both sides of the page. A double sided document feeder is the accessory that is needed to scan on both sides of the page.

The original document used for the fax could be missing pages

Sometimes the problem is caused before the fax transmission even starts.

Explanation: The document could have been created missing pages before the fax even occurred.

Resolution: Check to make sure that all pages are there and in the right order.

The fax could be sending properly, however the receiving fax is set to double sided printing and you forgot to check the back side of the page

If this is the case, check the back side of the pages of the received fax. Your entire fax should be there.

Explanation: It’s ok, we all make mistakes. This wouldn’t be here if we hadn’t make this mistake ourselves at one time or another.

Resolution: You’ve got your fax, now take a few minutes for you. You’re probably working a bit too much today.

It’s probably not…

  • A bad connection – typically a fax will transmit the entire document or not at all. If the fax was sending a small number of pages (without skipping any) and then stopping entirely, that would be a symptom of a bad connection, however skipping pages is not.