Fax sending blank pages

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

The fax is sending multiple blank pages in a transmission. What is the problem?

The sending fax machine could have the document inserted in the wrong way

A fax sending multiple blank pages is symptom of paper inserted in the fax machine the wrong way.

Explanation: Many fax machines have an indicator that shows which way the paper should be inserted.

Resolution: Try turning the paper around and sending the document again.

The receiving fax machine could be out of ink or toner

Explanation: Some fax machines may print out a document even if they are low on toner or ink.

Resolution: Check toner / ink levels on the receiving fax machine and replace if necessary.

It’s probably not…

  • Faulty transmission or bad lines – If the fax is transmitting the correct number of pages, that is a sign that the two fax devices are properly communicating.
  • A broken scanner – If the scanner is broken, the sending fax machine will usually send an error.
  • A dirty scanner – If the scanner is dirty, the fax will usually transmit but with lines or specks on the fax.