J2 Global Acquires Landslide Technologies, Inc.

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

Marking a move into Cloud and CRM technology, J2 Global has announced that it has acquired Boston based Landslide Technologies, Inc.Landslide technologies

According to J2 Global’s press release, “The Landslide acquisition reflects continued execution of our plan to expand our array of cloud-based services for business,” said Hemi Zucker, CEO of j2 Global. “Landslide brings us a proven CRM platform for small to mid-sized businesses and an established customer base. It also provides us an additional value-added service to sell through our existing sales channels and into our existing base of more than 2 million paid cloud service subscribers.”

J2 Global is one of the largest providers of online and internet based fax services with more than 2 million paid subscribers, bringing popular brands such as efax and myfax to the faxing world. As Landslide Technolgy’s background is primarily CRM and cloud based technology, this opens up a number of interesting potential avenues for updates to J2 Global’s platform.

¬†For More Information on J2 Global’s Acquisition:

J2 Global Press Release: http://investor.j2global.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=646253

Landslide Technologies Press Release: http://www.landslide.com/en/company/news/press/2012/j2_global_acquires_landslide_crm.php

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