Manufacturer Ricoh Sees Jobs Go

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

Ricoh LogoAs reported by the Shopshire Star, although seeing strong sales numbers, pre-tax profit at Ricoh has declined by 2/3.

On the heels of recent financial data is the option for “redundancy,” primarily for administrative employees at their Telford, New Jersey headquarters, however it has been reported that the Dutch arm of the company has also seen layoffs.

This likely part of Ricoh’s larger plan to shrink its administrative workforce in Japan and the US by 1,600 over 2012 – it is expected that the number will be achieved as at last count the number of applicants for the voluntary program was over 2,300.

Looking at the larger picture, a certain level of administrative attrition was expected, speicifically after it’s 2009 acquisition of Ikon Office Solutions, Inc., which gave it a larger North American salesforce as well as expected redundancies in its own administrative areas.

Ricoh has recently announced a reorganization of its Imaging Systems and Digital Camera business. As well, the manufacturer has been struggling with managing production in regions that have been affected by Thailand’s floods (where production is just resuming) and Japan’s 2011 earthquake and tsunami.