Xerox and McAfee Partner on Printer, Fax, and MFP Security

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

Recently McAfee formed a partnership with Xerox to help develop security systems to address threats against confidential data in the workplace, specifically on Printer, Fax, and Multifunction (Copier) platforms.Xerox McAfee Fax Security

Designed for the business level platform, the result will be Xerox’s licensing of McAfee’s technology that is designed to make a layer of security between the core processor and the unit’s system software to be able to detect if malware or viruses are attempting to use system resources. Essentially, the system will use a method of “whitelisting” only certain files to run, ensuring that unknown potentially malicious files are not.

As printers, fax machines, and office copiers are increasingly becoming more and more connected and integrated with a network environment, the importance of securing all devices on a network is becoming even more critical.

This partnership is an interesting move for McAfee as it is moving from its traditional background in PC security into other products based on other hardware systems. For Xerox, it is a win to have a brand such as McAfee building and likely endorsing their security protocols.

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