How to install a fax line

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

Many people choose to install a dedicated fax line for their fax machine. It adds the ability for a fax to have its own dedicated fax number that isn’t interrupted by regular phone activity.

Here is how it’s done.

Step 1 – do you need a fax line?

There are other options to a dedicated fax line such as:

A dedicated fax line can be used with:

Step 2 – what you’ll need

A fax line is simply an extra phone line. It can run parallel to existing phone lines, or it can be reserved to a specific phone jack.

There are two sets of wiring involved in a fax line:

  1. The telephone company’s connection to the phone box for the building.
  2. Wiring within the building that connects fax machine directly to the phone box.

Step 3 – run wiring inside the building (if not wired internally already)

There are two ways to wire a fax line internally:

Option 1 – Configure an existing line to be fax only. This method would change a phone line into a fax line.

The benefit of this method is that it is usually very cheap to do – it simply changes a specific phone jack to be a fax line instead of a landline.

Usually, this change is as simple as moving the connection of a phone line at the phone box. The telephone company may be able to make the change while installing an additional line.

Sometimes this method won’t work if the line splits into two somewhere between the phone box and the phone jack (all lines using that specific connection to the phone box would become the fax line).

Option 2 – Run a brand new line from the phone box to the destination phone jack. This method would add an additional line within the building. It can put a phone line and fax line right next to each other.

Wiring inside of the building is the largest unpredictable cost when adding a fax line. A physical telephone line has to be run from the phone box to the location of the phone jack. Each building is different. Typical costs include running the line, fixing drywall (and sometimes repainting the wall), fixing ductwork, and the cost of the phone jacks.

Sometimes this is a simple operation (for example the phone jack is close to the phone box, or there is a nearby air duct that can carry the wire most of the way, or the line can be run along a baseboard or under carpet). Other times this is an expensive option (the phone jack location is far away, or in a difficult to reach location).

Step 4 – connect the additional fax line to the building

Contact your phone company to have an extra phone line added to the building.

In most situations, the phone company only needs to send a technician to the building to install the fax line.

In some cases, there may be a need (and cost) for running the extra line from the phone company’s phone lines on the street to the building.

Step 5 – connect your fax machine and enjoy

Set up your fax machine or computer with fax software and connect it to the fax line. Test the fax, and you should be ready to fax.

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