Confidential Health Records Accidentally Sent to Lely, Florida Couple

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

As quoted from WINK News in Napels, Florida, Deborah Foley and Paul Lietz got a new phone line, and with it a number that was frequently misquoted by the David Lawrence Health Centre in Naples.Florida Map

At first they contacted the health center and the faxes stopped, however recently they have been deluged with faxes from other health facilities trying to fax the health center, thinking that a residential number is the number they’re trying to reach.

While not as far on the “embarrassing” level as a 2004 incident involving a Canadian bank who kept faxing customer documents to a scrapyard in another country, incidents like this serve as a reminder that good organizations are quick to listen to the “odd” problems coming from the community and fix them.