Fax Security – Website to Unsubscribe from Is Really an Attack Website

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

In another interesting quirk of electronic security, there has recently been a number of situations where fax spam had an “unregister” link that led to a website focused on loading the visiting PC with malware.Computer Security

As listed on email security matters, the author visited the site only to find that his PC’s security watchdog programs were finding the unsubscribe page was listed as malicious with a Trojan downloader listed on the page.

One has to question if there really was a business offer in the first place, or if it was purely meant to be a fax sent just to irritate the receiver enough to try to unsubscribe from the list…

A good reminder to always have a program running to monitor sites for malware, but also be careful when visiting any site that you’ve been “suggested” you look at.

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