Is Your Paperless Office Creating More Paper?

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

AIIM, the “Global Community of Information Professionals” recently released a report on the benefits of removing paper from corporate office processes.paperwork in a paperless office

If anything, many of the advancements of the paperless office have moved to more printing and paperwork than less. Quoting a survey run by AIIM, 3/4 of IT professionals say that the first thing they do with PDF based invoices is print them out, with almost 1/6 of them scanning them back into the system, and 1 in 10 printing them out multiple times.

While many of these processes come from the demands of various accounting and legal departments, as opposed to the IT world, it’s important for organizations to remember that the average cost of processing each piece of paper prior to mailing it was estimated at $3.63 per form.

The full report from AIIM can be found at, while news stories covering the report can be found at and