• Fax misuse responsible for murder suspect going free

    In a case of forgotten toner, it appears that French court has allowed a murder suspect to go free because the hearing did not take place within a 20 day time period. The cause? a fax machine that had run out of toner – it was so old a replacement couldn’t be found. The fax […]

  • Certification granted to class action lawsuit against MetLife for unsolicited faxes

    A federal judge in Florida has issued a certification for a class action lawsuit against MetLife for responsibility for alleged unsolicited fax advertising by one of its partners. While the class action suit is still in the early states, it is alleged that 35,000 Missouri residents received unsolicited advertisements over fax in 2012, and

  • Israeli Bill Would Make Alternatives to Fax Mandatory

    In a world first, an Israel MP has proposed making it mandatory that service providers such as banks and other bureaucratic heavily institutions offer an electronic alternative to fax communication. MK Stav Shaffir (Labor) who moved the motion is quoted as saying “The Israeli public is used to complaining about intolerable bureaucracy and the incredible […]

  • Court rules that insurer is off the hook for a junk fax settlement

    An appeals court in Illinois recently ruled that a lower-court judge was correct in letting an insurer off the hook for half the cost in a

  • Yellow Pages Fax Scam emerges in Australia

    It appears that thousands of Australian businesses are receiving faxes that look to be from Yellow Pages, but are actually for a competing (and possibly phony) directory. This is not a new scam – a similar one was recently shut down in Australia – it unfortunately takes some customers by surprise. The faxes being issued […]

  • Electronic records, not a standalone fax machine responsible for misdialled Saskatchewan health records

    Saskatchewan’s privacy commissioner Gary Dickson recently released a report on health information on over 1,000 patients in Saskatchewan being sent to wrong or old fax numbers. This time, it appears to be the electronic faxing feature of electronic fax records, as opposed to a

  • What are the most used fax numbers?

    The online fax company fax zero sent more than 2 million faxes in 2013, and just released their “top faxed numbers of 2013”. At the top of the list

  • Fax case could be headed to the supreme court

    A small publisher could receive a fine of up to $48 million for sending faxes to a client who agreed to receive them. As their faxes did not have an “opt-out” option on them, the FCC has ruled

  • Voice to text translation service makes fax poetry

    Recently a fax number dialled a Twillo voice-to-text transcription phone number. Usually these services are used for making voicemail easier to work with (it arrives as an email instead of having to listen to it and write it down), however this time it

  • With a small office and a fax machine, even you can claim to lead a rebel army

    Taken from a larger piece in the Irish Times about a retreat of a group of Syrian Rebels: “Diplomatic sources also say the “Free Syrian Army” is a name disparate local militias adopt without co-ordinating action or putting themselves under the command of Col Riad al-Assad, a defector based in Turkey who