Win a Cruise Contest over a Fax Machine? Probably Not…

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

A good reminder on Wink News in Fort Meyers Florida that there are a number of cruise contest scams going around.Cruise Contest Fax Scam

Recently in Florida, Wink News had their reporters enter into a local cruise contest to see the legitimacy of it.

The only result? a 12 minute long phone message followed by “winners” having to pay out a $100 voucher to book the trip.

Following a series of interviews, Wink News found that there have been a number of incidents with a similar program.

One of the most common scams over fax machines come in the form of cruise contests – a fax will arrive saying that someone has won a cruise, and the scam follows in similar fashion.

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