Windows XP Still the Dominant OS, Vista & 7 Support Extended to 2017 and 2020

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

Windows XP Still Dominant OS

In news from the world of operating systems, Windows XP is still the dominant operating system on the market, with market share just over 47% 6 and a half years after its successor Windows Vista and 2 1/2 years after the next successor were released.

While it’s been losing steady market share (although seeing a small increase in January of 2012) to Windows 7 (which has the ability to emulate Windows XP), XP is likely to remain a dominant operating system for some time to come.

Support for XP is expected to end April of 2014, however Microsoft has been relatively regular in pushing that date back, and as XP remains as a major operating system, it is likely that it will still be supported in order to ensure that bugs and viruses in the system are properly patched to preserve the reputation of Microsoft.

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Windows Vista and 7 Support Extended to 2017 and 2020

Microsoft has also extended its support for Windows Vista to 2017 and Windows 7 to 2020.

An interesting move as the official release for Windows 8 is likely in the very near future, expected for sometime this fall, it’s an interesting to note how far back support is being extended for existing product.

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