Could fax be the smoking gun for voter fraud in a Sydney subrub?

The deputy mayor of Auburn (a suburb of Sydney, Australia) is under investigation for voter fraud after a stream of voter registration faxes arrived from the same fax number.

According to local police, 37 faxes for voter registration were submitted, many with similar handwriting and signatures that did not match existing records. 57 online enrollments were also Continue reading “Could fax be the smoking gun for voter fraud in a Sydney subrub?”

Yellow Pages Fax Scam emerges in Australia

It appears that thousands of Australian businesses are receiving faxes that look to be from Yellow Pages, but are actually for a competing (and possibly phony) directory.

This is not a new scam – a similar one was recently shut down in Australia – it unfortunately takes some customers by surprise.

The faxes being issued have Continue reading “Yellow Pages Fax Scam emerges in Australia”

J2 Global Acquires Australia’s Zintel Communications

Following a string of acquisitions focusing on cloud based and international service providers, J2 Global, Inc. (owner of online faxing services eFax, MyFax, as well as other cloud based services) recently announced that it will be acquiring Australian based Zintel Communications.Zintel Communications Logo

Zintel offers a number of products to Continue reading “J2 Global Acquires Australia’s Zintel Communications”