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Last Update: August 9th, 2021

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Brother Background and Information

Brother Industries is a Japanese company that makes tools in a wide variety of areas.

Production lines include printers, fax machines, typewriters, label printers, machine tools, sewing machines, and more, in many situations, as well Brother distributes products through OEM agreements with other companies.

Started in 1908 as the Yasui Sewing Machine Co. in Nagoya, Japan, Brother expanded with subsidiaries through the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Personal and Home Fax Machines

Brother Fax-575

The Brother 575 Fax is a good option for people looking for the most basic of fax functions.

Offering a compact solution, the Brother 575 is a good option for a starter far or someone needing the occasional fax transmission.

Official Page – Brother 575 Fax Machine


The Brother Intellifax 775 is a step up from the 575 model and offers many of the same features as the 575, as well as also being a thermal paper machine.

The 775 offers a few extras, mostly seen to the consumer as better paper capacity and faster speed.

Official Page – Brother 775 Fax Machine


The IntelliFax 1270e is a full featured fax machine that places well in a home or personal setting as well as home and small offices.

With 200 pages of paper capacity and a 20-page document feeder, it’s a good option for those looking for lots of options in a desktop fax machine.

Home Office and Small Office Fax Machines


The 4100e is a great option for an entry level business fax machine. With a space-saving design, it’s great for busy desks or out front by reception, where space may not always be readily available.

The 4100e offers many fax capabilities, including Super G3 speed as well as good paper capacity and computer connections.

Official Brother Intellifax-4100e Page

IntelliFax-2820 and 2920

The brother 2820 and 2920 fax machines offer a good platform for a multiuser office environment. With a monthly duty cycle aimed towards departmental use, the 2820 and 2920 are well positioned in any area that needs a dedicated fax machine.

The main differences between the two units are that the 2920 offers faster transmission speeds (33.6k vs. 14.4k), and more memory for page storage (16mb vs. 8mb).

Brother Intellifax 2820 Official Page

Brother Intellifax 2920 Official Page

High Volume / Workgroup Fax Machines

IntelliFax-4750e and 5750e

The Brother IntelliFax 4750e and 5750e are brother’s offers in the commercial / industrial level of fax machine equipment.

Built for a high volume area, the 4750e and 5750e both offer a range of options for the consumer looking for a good fax machine option, from high volume fax broadcasting to long term durability.

With the option to double as a network printer, the 4750e and 5750e should be considered for any office equipment purchase.

The primary difference between the two is that the 5750e offers enhanced paper capacity and memory.

Brother 4750e Fax Machine Official Page

Brother 5750e Fax Machine Official Page

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