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Last Update: August 9th, 2021

One of the most recognized names in office equipment and imaging industry, Canon has been a recognized leader in fax technology.

With a range of fax machines from the small office/home office market to high volume workgroup level equipment, as well as a wide range of high-volume multifunction copiers and printers, Canon offers something to every market level except for smaller personal / home units.

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Canon Background and Information

Founded in 1937, Canon has evolved to be a major leader in the imaging, office equipment, and photography markets in all corners of the world.

Originally named Kwanon after the Buddhist bodhisattva Guan Yin (known in Japanese as Kannon), it started by producing Japan’s first 35mm camera that had a focal plane shutter.

Through the years, Canon has operated in the markets of cameras, including X-ray and television cameras, calculators, printers, photocopiers, fax machines, projectors, and other avenues.

Known as an innovator, in 2008, Canon was granted over 2000 patents in the United States alone. Annually, it usually places in the top 5 for patents issued by the United States.

Canon employs over 26,000 employees as of December 31, 2010, with net sales of 3.7 Trillion Yen and Profit of 275 billion yen in 2010.

Home Office and Small Office Fax Machines

FaxPhone L170

The Canon FaxPhone L170 is a standalone fax machine that also has the capabilities of a 19 page per minute printer.

With a space saving design, the L170 is great for desks with limited space, or that frequently become crowded such as receptionist or front office desks.

The L170 has the Super G3 transmission speed and a helpful feature of a front loading paper cassette.

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FaxPhone L90

The Canon FaxPhone L90 is a multifunction fax machine, with the ability to double as a printer.

Coming in at a lower price point than the L170, the L90 still offers laser quality output, sacrificing some operational speed as well as a taking up more space on the desk.

Official Canon FAXPHONE L90 Page

Official Canon FAXPHONE L90 Brochures & Manuals

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Fax JX210P

The Canon JX210P is Canon’s entry level model in the fax world, and likely best suited to the home office or smaller office environment.

Still providing a document feeder, as well as PC printing capability, the JX210P is a quality unit that stacks up well compared to other offerings in this market segment.

JX210P Fax – Official Canon Page

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High Volume / Workgroup Fax Machines

Canon Laserclass 810 & 830i

Built for the high volume market, the Canon Laserclass 810 and 830i are almost better classified as high volume printer/scanner units with fax capabilities than standalone fax machines.

With this true multifunction ability comes the ability to also handle a high level of faxing volume, whether inbound or outbound. Sequential broadcast and address book dialing are two features that anyone running broadcast level faxing will find a major convenience.

While both models offer top of the line faxing abilities, the 830i also adds the features of color scanning as well as other features.

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