Don’t be “That Person”

Last Update: August 9th, 2021

As reported by the Khaleej Times in an article called “Anger on the Rise” consisting of a list of annoyances that are common in the world today, “75 per cent of workers become angry when a colleague leaves the printer/fax machine empty of paper.”Funny Man

While it’s inconsiderate, it’s also a potential liability in an office environment – frequently a fax machine will receive a fax but save it in memory until the fax is filled with a paper. If the power goes out, on some machines the fax can be lost from memory – even though the fax has already sent out a confirmation confirming the the message has been received – in some cases, this means that a legal transmission or otherwise important document is lost, resulting in potential liability to a company in some cases.

So when using your office equipment, don’t be “that person.”

For the whole article from the Khaleej Times, see