Bureau of Consumer and Governmental Affairs (FCC) seeking comment on opt-out notices on fax advertising

The FCC has received a number of petitions for waivers on opt-out notices in fax advertising, specifically in areas where the sender believes prior permission exists.

To quote the FCC’s summary,

Specifically, the Petitioners seek retroactive waivers of the opt-out notice requirement for fax ads they sent where prior express invitation or permission had allegedly been obtained from the recipient.4 The Petitioners argue that good cause exists because they are similarly situated to parties who were granted retroactive waivers from this requirement by the Commission in the Anda Order. 5 In the Anda Order, the Commission granted retroactive waivers to several individual petitioners because of uncertainty about whether the opt-out notice applied to “solicited” faxes.

The waivers granted in the Anda Order apply only to the individual petitioners listed in that order.7 The Commission noted, however, that other, similarly situated parties may also seek waivers. We therefore seek comment on the Petitioners’ requests for waiver consistent with the guidance set forth in the Anda Order.

The full press release can be found at: FCCCGB Seeks Comment On Petitions On Opt-Out Notices On Fax Advertisement

National Law Review reporting that the FCC’s clarification of “solicited” fax rules already under siege

A few after the FCC released a “clarification” order of opt-out notices being required on advertising faxes even for pre-existing business relationships, the National Law Review is reporting that “Three petitioners have already filed petitions for review appealing the FCC’s order and specifically questioned the FCC’s authority to Continue reading “National Law Review reporting that the FCC’s clarification of “solicited” fax rules already under siege”

Check your Preprogrammed Area Code 919 (North Carolina – Durham and Surrounding Areas)

Eastern Wake News is reporting that 2 years after the introduction to 10 digit dialing, there still about 100 dispatches by 911 operators from hang-up calls.

Calling 911 and hanging up often results in an officer being dispatched to the phone number’s listed address.

While many calls have been attributed to people dialing the 919 area code and accidentally hitting the “1” twice, there are apparently a large number of Continue reading “Check your Preprogrammed Area Code 919 (North Carolina – Durham and Surrounding Areas)”

$16M fax voilation lawsuit resolvedby the FCC

Hot on the heels of an update to anti-fax spam rules, it was announced that the FCC has resolved a $16 million (and potentially as large as $48 million) lawsuit against a small Minnesota publishing company (Mariposa Publishing) as well as several other companies.

The lawsuit originated from a complaint in regards to fax advertising, which the FCC found that the rule on unsolicited faxes “caused confusion and misplaced confidence” about the language that should be included when sending a fax advertisement when Continue reading “$16M fax voilation lawsuit resolvedby the FCC”

FCC confirming opt-out notice requirements to all fax advertisements

With the intention of eliminating any confusion around opt-out requirements in fax advertising, the FCC has recently released requirements for fax advertising.

Things to take note of:

– Opt outs need to be clear and on the first page of the ad

– A contact phone and fax number must be included in the opt out

– The rules include pre-existing Continue reading “FCC confirming opt-out notice requirements to all fax advertisements”

Indian Tsunami Warnings in 10-20 Minutes

The Indian Express is reporting that the Indian Tsunami Centre can now detect major earthquakes in 10 minutes and have warnings issued in 20.

The Hyderbad based center can now issue warnings over email, fax, sms, and their website – ensuring that future tsunamis formed by earthquakes will have better warning time to costal areas.

This warning system is built with the intention of Continue reading “Indian Tsunami Warnings in 10-20 Minutes”

Israeli Bill Would Make Alternatives to Fax Mandatory

In a world first, an Israel MP has proposed making it mandatory that service providers such as banks and other bureaucratic heavily institutions offer an electronic alternative to fax communication.

MK Stav Shaffir (Labor) who moved the motion is quoted as saying “The Israeli public is used to complaining about intolerable bureaucracy and the incredible slowness of service at banks, Internet companies or Continue reading “Israeli Bill Would Make Alternatives to Fax Mandatory”

Philadelphia Lawmakers Offering Plan to Let Citizens Contest Parking Tickets by Fax

With a new effort to help citizens avoid the trip to the courthouse, Philadelphia is now letting their citizens contest parking tickets through the internet, email, fax, or regular mail.Parking Ticket by Fax

Considered a good move by Continue reading “Philadelphia Lawmakers Offering Plan to Let Citizens Contest Parking Tickets by Fax”