Latest fax scam involves fake DOT asking for procurements

WIBW reports that there is currently a fax scam going around where a business receives an unsolicited procurement request from the Department of Transportation (DOT) that either includes a request for financial information (such as banking information) or a request for the same information is sent when the fax is replied to.

Quoting WIBW, DOT will only request financial information once there is a specific contract in place.

As with previous fax scams we’ve observed, once the scam is Continue reading “Latest fax scam involves fake DOT asking for procurements”

Yellow Pages Fax Scam emerges in Australia

It appears that thousands of Australian businesses are receiving faxes that look to be from Yellow Pages, but are actually for a competing (and possibly phony) directory.

This is not a new scam – a similar one was recently shut down in Australia – it unfortunately takes some customers by surprise.

The faxes being issued have Continue reading “Yellow Pages Fax Scam emerges in Australia”

Vacation Season Brings Travel Scams

CBS 21 News recently put out a travel scam warning that should be repeated.

Airfare, vacations, summer rentals, and vacation rentals are what appear to be the primary focus on this summer’s travel season. Many people will travel to go hunting, if you are looking for the best equipment check out The 8 Best Crossbow Scopes Reviewed & Revealed ( 2018 Hands-on Guide ) here. Scammers frequent online classified ads locations such as forums and craigslist, as well as send out spam emails and junk faxes to advertise the perfect vacation at the Continue reading “Vacation Season Brings Travel Scams”

Wells Fargo Wires Scammer $2.1 Million (or, why you should never post signatures on a website)

Through a series of fraudulent faxes, it appears that Wells Fargo has been scammed out of $2.1 Million by wiring money to a Hong Kong bank.

From documents released, it appears that money was wired from a Catholic Healthcare West account at Wells Fargo to a “Tektil Trading UK Limited” in Hong Kong.Wells Fargo Bank

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Fax Security – Website to Unsubscribe from Is Really an Attack Website

In another interesting quirk of electronic security, there has recently been a number of situations where fax spam had an “unregister” link that led to a website focused on loading the visiting PC with malware.Computer Security

As listed on email security matters, the author visited the site only to find that his PC’s Continue reading “Fax Security – Website to Unsubscribe from Is Really an Attack Website”